The Mindful Habit Team

Meet the team that’s changing the lives of people and their families all around the world.

The Mindful Habit Team

Meet the team that’s changing the lives of people and their families all around the world.

Who We Are

The Mindful Habit is a team of experts who share a passion for helping people who are at some of the lowest, most difficult times in their lives.

Craig Perra

Founder & CEO

Craig Perra is known as one of the world’s top coaches for people struggling with compulsive behavior, chronic self-deprecation, and sex & porn addiction. He’s changed the lives of clients on 6 continents in 27 countries worldwide. He often coaches executives, professionals, doctors, professional athletes, musicians, personalities, and hard-working men who need results fast … men who need behavior change, healthy sexuality, and a great relationship… fast. He’s been featured on The Steve Harvey Show, The Katie Couric Show, Lifetime TV, Good Day Sacramento and in other international media outlets. He loves yoga and teaches it in Roseville, CA.

Michelle Perra

Michelle Perra is Craig Perra’s wife and in charge of running the business side of things for The Mindful Habit. Operations, product development & support keep her busy with the company. Connecting with women is important, so she runs a call with Craig in the Partner Empowerment Program. Empowering women through this healing process without shame or being a victim and helping them create the amazing life that they deserve is the foundation by which Michelle’s passion lies. When not working tirelessly for The Mindful Habit, Michelle enjoys traveling and spending quality time with Craig, their 2 kids, and their adorable Maltipoo puppy.

Adrian Sztobryn

Adrian Sztobryn holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology (Clinical Specialty) and is one of the first coaches ever personally trained by Craig Perra. He works with people battling porn & sex addiction, gaming addiction, as well as other behavioral issues from all around the world since 2013. Since that time he has appeared on Polish National Radio talking about porn addiction, and trained other coaches, therapists, and counselors at International Conferences. He finished a Sexology post-grad in 2020 and is currently in the process of acquiring European Psycho-Sexologist Certification. He coaches men hungry for change, artists, spiritual people & freelancers, to move past their compulsive behaviors & create a meaningful, fulfilling life.

Real People. Real Results.

“The Mindful Habit is a life changing experience and has life changing tools that has redirected my life forever”

– Brendin S

“If you want to be held accountable, and see FAST results, then this is the best investment you will ever make, I promise you that.”

– Robert

“Coach Craig took me to another level of growth and transformation that no 12-step meeting or therapist ever took me.”

– Steven G

Craig and Michelle Perra aren’t just experts in theory, they’ve lived this experience through and through. With Craig’s video series and Michelle’s Partner’s Survival Guide, every couple experiencing the challenge of porn or sex addiction can overcome this and take the steps down a new path.

The Mindful Habit System Is A Structured, Science Based Attack On Your Sex & Porn Addiction. You Will Learn:

Increased Self Control

Habits rule your life. Learn how to interrupt your habit cycle and respond to triggers in a healthy way so you have control in all areas of your life.

Higher EQ

You are a slave to your past. Quickly elevate your emotional intelligence (EQ) by diving deep into the patterns collected in childhood that drive behaviors today.

Your Unmet Needs

All your negative behaviors are a function of your unmet needs. Learn how your addiction is meeting these needs to get these needs met in a healthy way.

Create Healthy Sexuality

Your sexual energy is powerful. Embrace this power and build sexually healthy belief systems and actions to enhance your life in a powerful way.

Sustainable Results

Avoid the relapse trap. Learn to create sustainable results so you can manage life’s inevitable challenges and create a system that drives long term success.

Non 12-Step Approach

The disease based addiction model doesn’t work for most people. Instead of treating the symptoms, treat the root cause of your addiction to create life altering change.

Tools to Succeed

Learning about stuff is not enough. Master critical “life-hacking” tools to effectively respond to triggers, failures, challenges,. sexual desire, and negative self-talk.

Massive Life Changes

The cure is the aggressive pursuit of a great life. Learn step by step how to cure your sex and porn addiction by aggressively pursuing a great life.


Success doesn’t happen overnight, but it doesn’t happen with zero effort either. Craig has personally experienced the mindset you’re struggling with, and he’s living proof that turning your life around begins with the first step.

Craig Perra’s 12-Week Core Training Recovery Program lets you take your first step from the comfort of your own home, with the freedom of accessing his insights on all your devices. For those of you who need more time than 12 weeks, we give you a full 16 weeks to complete this program.

Verified Client Reviews

Not Only Experts, But Men All Over The World Recommend The Mindful Habit System


35+ Video Lessons

The same lessons I teach my one on one clients to teach you the skills you need to be successful.

Digital Workbook

The same workbook my one on one clients use to guide them through the program.

Weekly Webinar Q&A

Weekly webinars with Mindful Habit Coaches to keep you on track and staying on the path to success in your journey.

Partner’s Guide

Michelle Perra’s captivating Partner’s Survival Guide is an absolute must forstruggling couples.

Step-by-Step Path

Step by step instructions to guide you through the program with ease so you never wonder what to do next.

40 Exercises

Learn how to specifically incorporate the lessons into your life so you get results.

Sometimes you need to take a drastic turn to continue your journey, but you don’t need to take that turn blindly. Craig Perra has lead thousands of people, just like you, toward a more mindful life and a happier mindset. Join today for our 12-Week Program and get 16 weeks membership to complete the program.



Backed by over 200 verified 4 & 5 star reviews AND a 30-day 100% money back guarantee!

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Backed by over 200 verified 4 & 5 star reviews AND a 30-day 100% money back guarantee!

We’re here for you 7 days a week:

Copyright © 2023 The Mindful Habit